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photo of scientists researching COVID-19
COVID-19 Immunity Prebiotics in the News
Recent COVID-19 Study: Gut Bacteria May Relate to Disease Severity

Once again, gut bacteria could be the culprit in a major illness. Scientists have recently determined how ill you become with COVID-19 and how many persistent symptoms you experience is linked to the composition of your gut. Improving your gut health may be a vital step to reduce your vulnerability to the virus and other diseases.

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photo of Ron Walborn Jr and Greg Cooper presenting Prebiotin at Diabetes Educator Conference
Diabetes How Prebiotics Work Prebiotics in the News Prebiotin in the News
What Can I Tell You About Prebiotic Fiber?

Diabetes Educators at the Annual AADE Conference Focus on the Microbiome The microbiome was a major focus at this year’s American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) Annual Conference (held in Baltimore, MD, August 17-20). At the Prebiotin booth, a constant stream of diabetes educators were highly interested in how prebiotic fiber can maintain health and improve an unhealthy microbiome. They also wanted to get clarification about how prebiotics versus probiotics work. “Start at the beginning,” they told the Prebiotin team at the booth. “What’s the difference between prebiotics and probiotics?”.…

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photo fo the cover of Wild Mediterranean book
Health Tips Prebiotics in the News
Rewild your Gut with Stella Metsovas’ New Cookbook and Microbiome Resource

Wild Mediterranean: A Resource for Restoring Microbial Balance Stella Metsovas is passionate about the bacteria in your gut. A globally recognized clinical nutritionist, media health expert, and specialist in food science and human nutrition, Stella has written a resource for restoring the microbial balance in the gut and rebooting overall health. …

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graphic of the large intestine with microbes
Prebiotics in the News
The Microbiome Hits #1 For 2017

Why do Cleveland Clinic’s Top 10 Game-Changing Medical Innovations Matter? Because it may just be “The Tipping Point…” Cleveland Clinic’s announcement of the Top 10 Medical Innovations came at the conclusion of the 2016 Medical Innovation Summit. The real surprise was the designation of the #1 spot to the Microbiome, welcome news to the “natural channel” product manufacturers, but more importantly to the millions of people globally who suffer from conditions and diseases that have the potential to be prevented and even healed.…

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graphic of the human body with large intestine highlighted
Prebiotics in the News Prebiotin in the News
The Focus of CBN News Special Segment: The Benefits of Prebiotics

Prebiotics Can Help Create a Healthier & Happier You A health segment “Happy Gut, Happy Body” aired on the 700 Club CBN News Friday, August 12, 2016, focusing on the power of prebiotics to affect and direct our health, wellness, and help prevent and even cure disease. Two physicians interviewed by medical reporter, Lorie Johnson, and 700 Club host Pat Robertson, gave viewers a prebiotic overview.  Dr. Vincent Pedre, author of Happy Gut, and Dr. David Perlmutter, author of Brain Maker, both enthusiastically supported the importance of prebiotic foods and supplements in keeping our gut flora naturally balanced and diverse.

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