The Focus of CBN News Special Segment: The Benefits of Prebiotics

Aug 17, 2016

Prebiotics Can Help Create a Healthier & Happier You

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A health segment Happy Gut, Happy Body aired on the 700 Club CBN News Friday, August 12, 2016, focusing on the power of prebiotics to affect and direct our health, wellness, and help prevent and even cure disease.

Two physicians interviewed by medical reporter, Lorie Johnson, and 700 Club host Pat Robertson, gave viewers a prebiotic overview.  Dr. Vincent Pedre, author of Happy Gut, and Dr. David Perlmutter, author of Brain Maker, both enthusiastically supported the importance of prebiotic foods and supplements in keeping our gut flora naturally balanced and diverse.

Research on the benefits of prebiotics has gotten major attention due to the White House National Microbiome Initiative (NMI), unveiled in May of this year. Its stated aims are “to advance understanding of microbiomes in order to aid in the development of useful applications in areas such as healthcare, food production, and environmental restoration. “ Prior to the WHI, Prebiotin began participating in two NIH (National Institutes of Health) studies and another with the National Kidney Foundation.

Information and research about the mysteries and miracles of the Microbiome is now proliferating, much like the microbiome itself!  Until now, prebiotics have been a supporting player to the more well-known and publicly discussed probiotics, when in fact, prebiotics are the food of choice for the good probiotic bacteria already in our gut.

Additionally, boosting your health means avoiding processed foods and even antibacterial cleansers and antibiotics when possible. All of these can and do play roles in destroying good bacteria in your gut, where 80% of your immune system makes its home.

Probiotic supplements could also be beneficial but are highly problematic. As you will see in Dr. Frank Jackson’s video about Prebiotics versus Probiotics, it is extremely difficult for live bacteria (probiotics) to get to the colon where they can be of benefit. And, how do you know which strains your own microbiome actually needs? There are over 1000 identified strains and counting from which to choose.

Imagine rafting down the Colorado river. Now imagine that your raft (pill casing) dumps you out along the way, or dissolves, leaving you to sink or swim, far from your destination downstream! If you are live bacteria, that is what you experience in the stomach, but the river is hot and acidic. Not too many of you will survive the trip to meet up with your bacterial friends at “destination colon.”

Best advice then is to add probiotics from foods such as sugar-free yogurt, sauerkraut, and fermented items such as kefir, kombucha, miso, and tempeh.

If you aren’t able to get enough fiber through yams, onions, bananas and artichokes into your meals, another alternative is to add a PREbiotic supplement, such as Prebiotin, made from chicory root, and containing the perfect balance of both inulin and oligofructose to feed both the right and left sides of your colon.

Host Pat Robertson and Lorie Johnson at CBN both state that there will be more segments in the future focusing on the power of prebiotics to maintain, improve your health and heal disease.

Please note that Prebiotin® prebiotic fiber was showcased in the graphics of this segment, as an example of a prebiotic supplement available to support a healthy gut, and was not an endorsement by CBN.

Just helping get the word out to more people about the benefits of prebiotics is our reward!