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Health Tips
The Problem with Emulsifiers: Part 2

What’s the problem? The dark side of specific emulsifiers. The FDA has designated common emulsifiers like polysorbate 80 and carboxymethylcellulose or cellulose gum (CMC) “generally regarded as safe” or GRAS. This designation is coveted because it indicates that the FDA considers GRAS substances non-toxic and non-carcinogenic. However, the problem is that emulsifiers have not consistently been tested for side effects.…

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Health Tips
Emulsifiers in Food Raise Concerns: Part 1

While not every product acting as an emulsifier is unhealthy, many are.  This blog explores the impact of the growing number of emulsifiers in our food supply. In the last few years, a growing number of research studies indicate that common emulsifiers like carboxymethylcellulose, polysorbate 80, and carrageenan, to name just a few, may not be “benign” additions to processed foods.…

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photo fo the cover of Wild Mediterranean book
Health Tips Prebiotics in the News
Rewild your Gut with Stella Metsovas’ New Cookbook and Microbiome Resource

Wild Mediterranean: A Resource for Restoring Microbial Balance Stella Metsovas is passionate about the bacteria in your gut. A globally recognized clinical nutritionist, media health expert, and specialist in food science and human nutrition, Stella has written a resource for restoring the microbial balance in the gut and rebooting overall health. …

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Health Tips
Celebrate National Nutrition Month-Tips for Healthy Ways to Eat Out

Many of us lose our healthful eating habits the moment the bread basket arrives when we eat out. Celebrating March as National Nutrition Month, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics encourages everyone to learn how to “put your best fork forward” when dining out. The best strategy is to consider how to approach a restaurant meal before you ever take your seat. ”Use a smart eating strategy to plan ahead, consider the menu, and choose foods carefully,” says registered dietitian nutritionist and Academy spokesperson Robin Foroutan.

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C. diff
Guest Blog - Peggy Lillis Foundation Fights C. diff

Peggy’s Story & Gala Sponsorship Christian John Lillis and Liam Lillis, Co-founders, Peggy Lillis Foundation On October 21, 2016, the Peggy Lillis Foundation (PLF) held our Seventh Annual FIGHT C. DIFF Gala. We were proud to have Prebiotin as a Gala sponsor and supporter of our work building a nationwide Clostridium difficile (C. diff) awareness movement by educating the public, empowering advocates, and shaping policy. As a producer of prebiotics, Prebiotin knows firsthand the importance of balanced gut bacteria.

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Prebiotics in the News
The Microbiome Hits #1 For 2017

Why do Cleveland Clinic’s Top 10 Game-Changing Medical Innovations Matter? Because it may just be “The Tipping Point…” Cleveland Clinic’s announcement of the Top 10 Medical Innovations came at the conclusion of the 2016 Medical Innovation Summit. The real surprise was the designation of the #1 spot to the Microbiome, welcome news to the “natural channel” product manufacturers, but more importantly to the millions of people globally who suffer from conditions and diseases that have the potential to be prevented and even healed.…

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Prebiotics in the News Prebiotin in the News
The Focus of CBN News Special Segment: The Benefits of Prebiotics

Prebiotics Can Help Create a Healthier & Happier You A health segment “Happy Gut, Happy Body” aired on the 700 Club CBN News Friday, August 12, 2016, focusing on the power of prebiotics to affect and direct our health, wellness, and help prevent and even cure disease. Two physicians interviewed by medical reporter, Lorie Johnson, and 700 Club host Pat Robertson, gave viewers a prebiotic overview.  Dr. Vincent Pedre, author of Happy Gut, and Dr. David Perlmutter, author of Brain Maker, both enthusiastically supported the importance of prebiotic foods and supplements in keeping our gut flora naturally balanced and diverse.

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Health Tips How Prebiotics Work
Prebiotics Buyers Guide

By adding prebiotics supplements to your diet, you can boost immunity, improve regularity and enhance the performance of your gut, naturally. Prebiotic fiber can also help to curtail obesity, in a natural low-calorie way. Not all prebiotics are the same, however. That’s why it’s important to educate yourself on the different types of prebiotics, the science backing the benefits of them and how much you need to consume daily in order to realize their benefits.…

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Obesity and Weight Management
Dysbiosis: The Reason You’re Not Losing Weight

You’ve tried exercise. You’ve tried calorie restriction, fat restriction, high-protein, low-carb, etc. Perhaps you lost some weight, but eventually, you gained it back. One of the most likely reasons that you’re not losing weight and keeping it off is because of something you’ve probably never heard of: dysbiosis. What is Dysbiosis? …

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Health Tips Obesity and Weight Management
Smart Diet Swaps

Do you ever feel bloated after you prepare a home-cooked meal? How about tired, or even cranky? Everyday ingredients such as butter and refined sugar are some of the biggest diet busters around, and they also come with uncomfortable side effects: bloating, tiredness and others. Smart diet swaps can help you beat these side effects. Try our swaps the next time you want to cut a few calories — and those unpleasant symptoms — out of your diet for good.

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photo of chicory root, the source of Prebiotin's prebiotic fibers
Health Tips How Prebiotics Work
The Amazing Benefits of Prebiotic Fibers

Fiber has become a buzzword in the fight against obesity in recent years. A surprising 95 percent of Americans correlate fiber with digestive health. This is because fiber-rich foods are generally high in nutrients and help to regulate your digestive tract. Prebiotic fiber shares many of these benefits and more. The addition of a prebiotic fiber supplement to your diet can spark impressive gains in digestive health, bone health, and weight management, according to recent research from Beneo.…

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Health Tips
Pumpkins: A Great Source of Fiber for Fall

Not only are pumpkins great for fall-themed decorations and Thanksgiving’s favorite dessert, they’re also packed with fiber, calcium, vitamins and folic acid. Here’s how you can add more fiber to your diet with fresh pumpkin. Preparing Fresh Pumpkin Although purchasing canned pumpkin in the grocery store is certainly simple, adventurous cooks may prefer preparing their own organic version at home.…

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