Best Apps for Weight Management

Is there really an app for everything, including weight management? Because the answer is a resounding “yes,” this also means there are a lot of apps to choose from. To help you out, we’ve compiled some of the best apps for weight management that you can try on your own or include in your weight management program.

Lose It

Lose ItThis free weight management app for your Android or iPhone device provides you access to a food calorie database. Search for any food you can think of, and keep track of how many calories you eat per day.

In addition, Lose It connects you to other people who are trying to lose weight — people who can offer support, tips and advice about weight management. You’ll also be prompted to develop a personalized weight loss plan that will analyze your BMI and give you a goal weight to help you stay motivated.

Calorie Counter by MyNetDiary

Calorie CounterAlong with tracking your nutritional and caloric intake, this app also tracks how much you exercise and provides graphs and charts to help you visualize your progress. To find a food in its database, simply scan the barcode of a food package or type in the first three letters of a food’s name and the app provides all the information you need.

Let Calorie Counter by MyNetDiary keep you motivated by using its daily log to note observations about your health and general body facts while pursuing your weight management goals. This app will also give you diet tips that correlate to your personalized diet plan. It’s like having your own personal trainer conveniently stashed in your pocket!

Fooducate Nutrition Scanner

FooducateBefore you grab a “healthy” granola or protein bar for a mid-afternoon snack, why not scan it with the Fooducate Nutrition app and find out if it’s really healthy for you — or actually a sugar trap? You can run your device over the food package’s UPC code and the scanner not only tells you how many calories you’re about ready to eat but also offers nutrition facts. This app is also helpful for non-dieters who want to improve their eating habits.

Apps Are Helpful but Where’s the Science?

While apps can be fun ways to monitor your health, it’s helpful to have science on your side.  Studies have shown that an imbalance of good and bad bacteria in the gut directly correlates with managing weight issues. In fact, your gut bacteria may play a significant role in regulating adiposity (fat cells) by changing the way genes involved in storing and oxidizing adipose tissue are expressed. Diet, prescription medications, stress, anxiety and environmental toxins can all cause dysbiosis, or a substantial presence of bad bacteria in your gut.

A study investigating the weight loss effects of prebiotic supplementation found that subjects taking prebiotics for two weeks experienced lower subjective hunger and reduced cravings for food.  Prebiotics can deliver results based on the science of human physiology — your gut bacteria have a major impact on your ability to lose weight and keep it off for good.

While weight loss apps can be useful, they aren’t always the most scientific methods of managing your weight. Try Prebiotin Weight Management to regulate the good bacteria in your gut to improve your health and weight loss goals.

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